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  • The Armstrong Hotel
    259 S. College Ave
    Fort Collins, CO 80524
  • Telephone: 970-484-3883
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Telephone 970-484-3883 Downtown Lodging Since 1923 Toll Free 866-384-3883

About Us

About our boutique fort collins Hotel

Like many of Old Town Fort Collins’ buildings, the Armstrong Hotel has a long and curious history. This boutique Fort Collins hotel is one of three historic hotels that has graced downtown – it was the last to open and the only one still operating today.

The Armstrong At A Glance

  • We have 45 Guest Rooms, including 12 Suites and 2 ADA Rooms
  • Check-in is 3:00pm
  • Check-out is 11:00am
  • Pet Policy: Some rooms and suites can accommodate pets, but are available only via phone reservations. Pets shall remain within your control in hotel common areas at all times. Pets may remain alone in a guestroom so long as the pet is well-behaved. However, if your pet is disturbing other guests or causing damage, we will contact you to address the situation. Please contact Housekeeping to make arrangements for housekeeping services as we will not clean your room with your pet present, unless crated. There is a one-time $25 fee for cleaning purposes, however, if your room requires excessive cleaning, or if damages are incurred as a result of your pet’s actions, the hotel may charge for additional services and repairs.
  • Meeting Space: Chandler Post Dining Room or Mantz Hall
  • Wedding Offerings: Romance Packages Available, Courtesy Wedding Room Blocks Available, Venues for Wedding Receptions from 10 to 130 guests, Complimentary Gift Bag Deliveries and more.

The Armstrong Hotel Cat, OREO

Oreo Armstrong

Oreo is our resident hotel cat and is about twelve years old. We do not allow her to enter guest rooms, in case one of our future guests has an allergy, but you are always welcome to come visit with her in the hotel lobby. Although she would love to indulge in food and treats given to her by hotel guests, we request that you do not feed her so she can maintain a healthy weight and thus live a long life!

The Armstrong HotelThe Armstrong Hotel History

In 1923, Charles and Carolyn Mantz opened the original Armstrong Hotel and named it after Carolyn’s deceased father (Andrew Armstrong) whose house once stood on the property. When it opened, the hotel was the tallest building in town, boasting two elegant dining halls, 41 guest rooms, and various retail shops. The Mantz family advertised the Armstrong Hotel as the ideal location from which to tour the Poudre Canyon and Rocky Mountain National Park.

In addition to welcoming visitors, the hotel offered Fort Collins residents a home away from home for many years. Serving the public’s growing love affair with the automobile, it housed the first chapter of the American Automobile Association, and during World War II, it was used as a barracks for the U.S. Army. Many long-term residents of the Armstrong also considered the hotel their home.

image_history1As the hotel changed hands, its name changed as well—first to the Empire Hotel, and later, the Mountain Empire Hotel. During the 1970’s, downtown Fort Collins fell into decline as new growth to the south drew business away. During that time the Armstrong hotel began to slip into disrepair as more and more visitors opted for newer hotels. To remain profitable, the Armstrong relied upon long-term residents and the occasional guests passing through Old Town. The shabby, dirt-cheap rooms ultimately attracted a rough crowd.

image_history2The City of Fort Collins later opted to focus more attention upon the improvement of the stagnant downtown area. Considerable time, effort, and money were focused into the revitalization of this area of the city, and the creation of an “Old Town” character and charm. Sadly, the changes to downtown seemed to pass by the hotel and it continued to slip further and further downhill. By the mid-‘90s, most citizens viewed the Armstrong as a “flop house” and hurried by it on their way downtown. Eventually, the hotel closed its doors in early 2000.

The tired, old building remained vacant for nearly three years before a new owner happened upon it, saw its potential, and brought the building back to life.

image_history3Entrepreneurs Steve and Missy Levinger purchased the building in November of 2002 and renovation began in August of 2003. After years of being a home, a safe haven, and eventually an eyesore, the newly renovated and revitalized Armstrong Hotel reopened its doors in June of 2004.

The Levingers chose to preserve and restore as much of the building’s historic fabric and character as possible. The original storefronts and the 1940’s-era neon sign were recreated from historic photographs. Crumbling plaster walls and ceilings were repaired, weathered wood windows were restored, the beautiful fir floors were refinished, and period hall doors and transoms were faithfully reproduced.

image_history4The building’s architecture still reflects the simple, symmetrical, “clean” form of the early ‘20s. The east and south facades still feature leaded prismatic glass tiles used to diffuse light that came into the original lobby and dining rooms. Two light courts, which can be viewed from the third floor hall, allowed light and ventilation into all the central rooms on the upper floors.

Operable transoms over each room door exhausted hot air, providing natural ventilation and a cooling effect. Each corner of the building still features the elegant tile cartouche with a floral motif—the structure’s only non-utilitarian embellishment. Hand-in-hand with this restoration was an extensive update of the building’s mechanical and electrical systems, as the structure was brought up to current fire and building code.

A New Armstrong Era

After 12 years of owning and operating the hotel, the Levinger family has recently sold this Fort Collins landmark to a Wyoming-based hospitality and investment firm, Crystal Creek Capital. Leadership within the firm recognized the unique nature of the property and carefully sought to again capture a strong family dynamic. Aaron & Kelley Black, who met and fell in love working together at a resort in Hawaii and have worked together at iconic properties subsequently in Missouri, Vermont, and Maine, moved to Colorado to take on the task of extending the Armstrong’s relevance as a Fort Collins destination for the years to come.

With this change in hands comes a new era for The Armstrong Hotel, yet it is certain one thing will always remain the same – The Armstrong’s history of authentic hospitality, warmth and dedication to its guests.

We are truly honored to have you as our guest. We encourage you to celebrate our hotel’s unique history during your stay. Take some time to explore the building inside and out. Your stay here is the continuation of the Armstrong Hotel’s history.