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101 Things to Do in Fort Collins Colorado

101 things to do in Fort Collins Colorado

We put together a comprehensive list of our favorite things to taste, see and do in Fort Collins! This list is just a sample of what Fort Collins has to offer, and has a little bit of something for everyone. We’ve also included a free print out of this everything just for you, so be sure to print that out and bring it with you on your adventures!

101 Things to Do in Fort Collins COLORADO

  1. Visit the Downtown Square
  2. Play in the fountains on Oak Street
  3. Take a ghost tour provided by Visit Fort Collins
  4. Eat the flavor of the day at Walrus Ice Cream
  5. See a music show at the Aggie Theater
  6. Listen to the Jazz at Ace Gillett’s
  7. Take a walk through the Oval on CSU’s campus
  8. Have lunch from a food truck at Odell’s Brewing Co.
  9. Take the brewery tour at New Belgium Brewery
  10. Roller skate to the oldies at Rollerland
  11. Play a round of putt putt golf at Fort Fun
  12. Watch the sunset at Horsetooth Reservoir
  13. Hike to Horsetooth Rock
  14. Sample some international cheese at The Welsh Rabbit
  15. Buy a dinosaur tooth at Nature’s Zone
  16. Sample some international chocolate at Nuance Chocolate
  17. Take a yoga class at Old Town Athletic Gym
  18. Stroll through library park and have a picnic under the 100 year old trees
  19. Stroll through Old Town’s residential areas and visit the historical homes
  20. Eat a Potato Burrito at Big City Burrito
  21. Skateboard at Old Town’s hidden skate board park
  22. Stroll along the Poudre River trail
  23. Hike to Horsetooth Falls
  24. See a movie at the Holiday Twin Drive-In
  25. Take a carriage ride through Old Town
  26. Visit the historic Avery House
  27. Visit the historic Armstrong Hotel
  28. Visit the MOCA building
  29. Ride the trolley through City Park
  30. Go swimming at City Park Pool
  31. Spend the day by the cannon in the middle of City Park
  32. Play Frisbee on the athletic fields at City Park
  33. Rent some bikes and take a tour around historic Downtown Fort Collins
  34. Grab sandwiches from Choice City Butcher and have a picnic at City Park
  35. Eat a caramel apple at Kilwins Chocolates
  36. Spend the afternoon with a good book at Starry Night Coffee Shop
  37. Eat a Vegetarian Chorizo Burrito at Mug’s Coffee Lounge
  38. See a music show at Hodi’s Halfnote
  39. Grab some new reading material at Al’s Newsstand
  40. Have dinner for two at Lulu’s Asian Bistro
  41. Shop for all things Colorado at Alpine Arts, the Colorado Showcase
  42. Grab some new spices from Old Town Spice Shop
  43. Stock up on vintage candy at the Rocket Fizz Candy Store
  44. Take a drive up the Horsetooth Reservoir Dams
  45. Hike around the open space at Reservoir Ridge
  46. Bring your dog to Horsetooth Park’s dog park and swimming pool
  47. Fly a kite at Horsetooth Park’s grassy hills
  48. Eat a burger at Big Al’s Burgers & Dogs
  49. Shop for something special at The Cupboard
  50. Visit the historic transit center
  51. See a music performance in the Downtown Square
  52. Buy a gift for that special someone at White Balcony
  53. Grab some margaritas and tacos at The Rio Grande
  54. Eat breakfast and beignets at Lucile’s Creole Breakfast Restaurant
  55. Eat breakfast at the historic Silver Grill Café
  56. Have some street food from the local gyro vendor
  57. Play pinball at Pinball Jone’s Arcade
  58. Have a pint of something Irish at Lucky Joe’s
  59. Sample some homemade root beer at Coopersmith’s Pub & Brewing
  60. See a vintage movie at the Lyric Cinema
  61. Walk to the CSU Trial gardens and have a picnic
  62. Visit the Campbell’s Soup Can at the CSU music building
  63. Grab a quick coffee at the Human Bean
  64. Get a massage at Amara Massage
  65. Sample something sweet at the Chocolate Café
  66. Swing on the swings at the Drunken Monkey
  67. Have a fancy dinner at The Kitchen
  68. Visit the Mammoth statue at Fossil Creek Park
  69. Sample some whiskey at The Whiskey
  70. Discover what’s new at the Discovery Center for Kids
  71. Eat a deep dish pizza at Beau Jo’s Pizza
  72. Grab some cupcakes from Buttercream Cupcakery
  73. Go golfing at the City Nine golf course
  74. Dance the night away at Bondi Beach Bar
  75. Go swimming at the beach at Horsetooth Reservoir
  76. Hike along the ridge at Horsetooth Reservoir and view the city at night
  77. Have a romantic evening out at Jay’s Bistro
  78. Stroll over the bridges at Mulberry Crossing
  79. See a show or play at the Lincoln Center
  80. Checkout a book from the Old Town Library
  81. Have a unique dinner experience at the Melting Pot
  82. Take your friends and paint something fun at Pinot’s Palette
  83. Make some new friends at Everyday Joe’s Coffee House
  84. Visit the Summer Farmer’s Market in the Courthouse parking lot
  85. Enjoy a vegetarian and vegan dinner at Tasty Harmony
  86. Take a stroll through civic center park and play on the rocks
  87. Meet the animals at Lee Martinez Farm
  88. Watch a college match at the Intramural fields at CSU
  89. Enjoy a rainy afternoon inside at the Wild Boar Café
  90. Watch the dogs run at the CSU Music Building dog park
  91. Drink all the beers at Tap & Handle
  92. Grab some necessities at the Fort Collins’ Co-op
  93. Enjoy some brews at Equinox Brewing
  94. Sample some cider at Scrumpy’s Cider Bar & Pub
  95. Find a good book at Old Firehouse Books
  96. See a show or something new at the Downtown Artery
  97. Go for Trivia Night at the Pour Brother’s Community Tavern
  98. See a show at the Bas Bleu Theater Company
  99. Grab some big cookies at Mary’s Mountain Cookies
  100. Grab a slice of pizza at Slyce Co.
  101. Have an afternoon swim at the Mulberry Pool

Take our list on your adventures!

To download our free printable, CLICK HERE!

What are your favorite things to do in Fort Collins? Book your stay with us and start planning today! We can’t wait to share this great city with you.