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Participate in the Fort Collins City Plan Update Meeting @ The Armstrong Hotel

“Through innovation, sustainability, and connections the City of Fort Collins aspires to create a vibrant, world-class community.”

(City Plan, 2011)


What: Fort Collins City Plan Update Meeting

Date: Tuesday April 17th

Time: 4pm to 6pm

Location: Mantz Hall @ THE ARMSTRONG HOTEL

City Plan is an update to the comprehensive Land Use, Transportation, and Transit Plans for Fort Collins, and will set the direction of our community for the next 10-20 years.

Sharing your thoughts and voice can be as easy as chatting with friends and downtown neighbors. Aaron Black, the General Manager of The Armstrong Hotel will be hosting fun, in-depth conversations over the next year to gather input, ideas, and feedback from interested and impacted Fort Collins residents.

The input we create during this conversation will be shared with the City Plan team to help refine and update the City Plan vision. As a City Plan Ambassador, Aaron has attended training offered by the City and the CSU Center for Public Deliberation to help facilitate great conversations about the future of Fort Collins.

You’re welcome to participate by attending a conversation at The Armstrong Hotel about the City Plan vision.

For more information about City Plan visit: