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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Fort Collins

Reasons to Visit Fort Collins, ColoradoWe might be a bit partial, but we’d like to think Fort Collins is one of the best (if not the best) places to visit, especially if you live in or near our beautiful city (we’re lookin’ at you, Denver!). Think picturesque biking trails, hundreds of artesian and locally-owned restaurants and food trucks, and all the craft beer you can stomach!

And in case you need even more excuses to visit our beautiful city…here’s our:

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Fort Collins

Fort Collins, Colorado Climate

Magnificent Climate

Fort Collins is in the perfect spot for sublime weather! Our city gets over 300 days of pure sunshine, with perfect sunbathing temperatures in the summer and just-cold-enough temperatures in the winter. Throw in a good mix of all four seasons (autumn might just be our favorite time of year), and you’ve got the perfect place for snowboarding, snowshoeing, camping; hiking, paddle-boarding, picnicking; boating, shopping, biking and more.

Bikes Fort Collins at The Armstrong Hotel

Bicycle Culture

Speaking of bicycles…we’ve got them, and plenty of them! Don’t be surprised if you often see a peloton of bikes riding to and fro in this city. Fort Collins sports 600 acres of parks, 40,000 acres of natural areas, 20 miles of hiking and biking trails, all of which can be accessed from pretty much anywhere in the city. Some of our guests stay with us specifically for our fantastic bike culture, and we couldn’t agree more – Fort Collins is the spot to go if you want to ride your bicycle!

Festivals Fort Collins

Famous Festivals

If the bikes bring you here, the festivals will keep you here. Especially once you’ve gone to your first Tour de Fat, New West Fest or Colorado Brewers Festival…on your bike of course! Some of our festivals are so iconic; they’ve been duplicated by other states (we don’t mind though, Tour de Fat is just too much fun). We like our celebrations, and we celebrate a lot in Fort Collins!

Microbrews Fort Collins


Need we say more? Fort Collins is nationally known for its craft beer with over 70 percent of Colorado’s craft beer originating here. New Belgium Brewing, Odells, and the Fort Collins Brewery are just the tip of the beer-laden iceberg in this city, and almost all of our craft breweries are just a short bike ride from the hotel. (See? We told you you’d like it here.)

The people of Fort Collins
Great Human Beings

Last but certainly not least on our list of the Top 5 Reasons to Visit Fort Collins, is the people. Take a quick stroll down the street, stop off in a coffee shop and you’ve already made 3 new friends. There’s no shortage of absolutely amazing entrepreneurs, socialites and friendlies here in our city, and we couldn’t be happier sharing our streets with them.


If you haven’t been to Fort Collins yet, get up here as soon as you can! There’s no telling what you fall in love with next…