256 South. Downtown Lodging . Established 1923.

As Old Town Fort Collins’ only independent hotel, we remain dedicated to the comfort of our guests, and to our heritage. That’s why, in 2019, we fine-tuned and enhanced our offerings, including our guest rooms, public spaces, and expanded lobby.

Our team, with General Manager Aaron Black and his wife Kelley at the helm, love sharing their passion for Fort Collins with you, ensuring you have a personalized, memorable stay. We invite you to linger with friends in our lobby or check out the local items we offer in our Mercantile. If you’re keen to explore the town, ask us for a complimentary bicycle. And don’t be surprised if you come downstairs and find we’ve set up an impromptu cocktail tasting on a Friday afternoon, or there’s a jazz guitarist playing in the corner. That’s just the way we do things here.

Personal Touches at the Armstrong

Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness

Amara Massage is in beautiful alignment with the way we do things at the Armstrong. As a locally owned and operated spa, they are truly dedicated to customizing a wellness experience for you, in an environment that’s a perfect fusion of spa and wellness. They provide their clients with a physically, emotionally supportive space, while giving them the tools they need to enhance a relaxed, pain-free lifestyle. Offerings are tailored to their guests, whether it’s a relaxation massage with a citrus mint foot scrub, or a deep tissue massage that incorporates a Thai herb poultice enhancement.

Hands holding herbal poulitces

Oreo Armstrong

While you’re here, stop by and say hello to Oreo, our resident cat. She’s been our hotel ambassador since she was but a wee kitten, and is particularly fond of lapping up hotel creamer (her one vice) and wearing fancy scarves. A key part of the Fort Collins community, Oreo is much loved by both our guests and locals. (By the way, she’s not allowed in the guest rooms, but you’re welcome to visit her in the lobby.)

Oreo rose to national prominence when she was catnapped a few years back. Her story was featured in national news, and we were all relieved when a couple of guests found her a few days later, safe and healthy, in a nearby alley. (Needless to say, we’ve been keeping a close eye on her ever since!) Oreo even has her own Facebook page and has been featured in Hotels with Cats. Nevertheless, her celebrity fame hasn’t gone to her head. She will still deign to be petted while you’re relaxing in our lobby with a cup of coffee (but keep an eye on your creamer!).

    Oreo the cat at Armstrong Hotel