Free Cartoons at Lyric Cinema Café

You can’t get much better Saturday morning cartoons…especially when they’re on the big screen, during the middle of the week, and FREE! If you’re looking for things to do in Fort Collins that will bring out your inner child, you won’t want to miss this. (Plus, they have a $5 cereal bar!)

    Free Tour at New Belgium Brewing

    Buds, bikes, and brews; now that’s a perfect spring day! You and your best buds can check out bikes from the front desk, ride down to New Belgium and enjoy a tour through the whimsy of one of the coolest microbreweries in the nation. Don’t forget to ask about the slide!

      Building with a yellow door

      Free Downtown Disney Walk

      Ever been to Disney World? Main Street in the iconic Disney World (and Disney Land) was modeled after our very own Downtown Fort Collins. Take a stroll down the block and immerse yourself in the beautiful architecture, ambiance and culture that is Fort Collins!

        Aerial view of a row of houses at Disneyland Main Street in Fort Collins

        Free Afternoon Bike Ride

        Here’s one of our very favorite things to do in Fort Collins: take a bike ride! And, lucky for our guests, we have free vintage cruisers available just for you. Check out a bike from the front desk, pick up some picnic supplies from Backcountry Delicatessen, and make your way to City Park for an afternoon of fun in the sun.

          Row of blue bicycles outside Armstrong Hotel

          Free Game Night at Pinball Jones

          Remember those nights at the arcade, when pizza and prizes were all you craved? Well now you can relive the glory days with a FREE night of games at Pinball Jones! Mind you, the cover is $10, but the games themselves are free all night long. Which is totally worth it when you realize this arcade also serves the best beer in town.

            Pinball machine

            Free Live Music, 5 Nights a Week

            If you’ve never been to our underground jazz lounge below the hotel, you’re missing out! Ace Gillett’s Lounge features live jazz 5 nights a week, including piano, saxophone, trumpet, bass, and guitar soloists and The Subterranean Jazz Trio. Check out their website for more information:

              View from behind a drummer performing at Ace's

              Some of the best things in life are free…

              Stop by the front desk during your stay for more suggestions on what to see and do during your trip to Fort Collins!

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