Horsetooth Rock

This sight-seeing attraction is a major landmark in Fort Collins, and it’s the only one you can see from basically anywhere in the city! Horsetooth Rock sits atop the foothills west of Fort Collins, just minutes away from the hotel. Its formation is reminiscent of a horse’s tooth (thus the name Horsetooth Rock), and it has the most beautiful hike to its summit. Stop by the front desk during your stay for directions to this beautiful landmark and trail guides to the top.

Oak Street Fountains

Get ready for some super fun photographs at this quaint little park! Just a stone’s throw out our front door, Oak Street Park houses an adorable outdoor cobblestone area, complete with marble rocks and rotating fountains. This is an ideal spot for kids and families, so be sure to bring the sunscreen for your little ones on your photography trip. And don’t forget to pack a snack!

Fossil Creek Park

Ever wonder just how big a prehistoric mastodon is? Now you can get a photo with a life-size replica of the real thing while enjoying one of Fort Collin’s largest parks. Fossil Creek Park is just a short car ride to the south end of the city and is packed full of tennis courts, a skate park, a large pond, cloud watching hill and playground. In the center you’ll find replicas of a prehistoric mastodon, sabertooth teeth and tons of other great photo opportunities.

New Belgium “Mother Ship” Brewhouse

No one has ever seen anything like New Belgium Brewery’s “Mother Ship”. This place is chalk full of awesome photo opportunities. From their Beer Garden, to the Tap Room, and down to the bottling line, you’ll have plenty of occasions for cool shots and cool drinks. Grab a cruiser bike from the front desk, then head on down! And maybe plan a whole afternoon for this one.

Jazz Alley

Sneak back in the nooks and cranies of Old Town’s historic buildings and you’ll discover loads of stuff to photograph! Our city’s buildings have the most beautiful character, and right in the center is a painted alleyway that honors the finer things in life. Jazz Alley sports a massive mural, painted by Terry McNerney, that depicts a large gathering of music lovers. You’ll find all kinds of hidden treasures in this mural, and tons of great things to capture.

Spencer Park Milk House

Established in 1980, the Milk House was originally part of a 240 acre dairy farm in Fort Collins. This adorable little house also offers tours of the building and grounds, with tons of history included. Bring your camera and pack a picnic lunch!

Petting Zoo at Lee Martinez

Who doesn’t love baby sheep? Or beautiful turkeys? Or pumpkin patches in the fall? Lee Martinez farm has some of the most adorable residents, and with a large petting zoo open to the public, you’re sure to find that photo you’ve been looking for here. Grab a bike from the front desk and trolley down for a great afternoon of adorable photos!

There’s a lot more to see and do in Fort Collins, and we’d love to help you make your next visit the best it can be. Come experience an authentic stay with us – call 970-484-3883 for more information about the area or to book a room. Visit our 45 individually unique rooms and suites via our Rooms page, or book a room for your stay today!