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Here’s a list of 7 must-see Fort Collins Museums, according to the locals.

Our guests are always looking for ways to get better acquainted with Fort Collins’ culture, and we are delighted to help them discover what makes our city one of the best places in the country to visit! There’s no better way to experience authentic Fort Collins than with a visit to one of the many art, design and discovery museums in town. First on our list:

The Fort Collins Discovery Museum

One afternoon at the Fort Collins’ Discovery Museum and you’ll understand why this place is an easy first-choice for most locals. We love this museum! The Discovery Museum is full of hands-on exhibits including a unique musical instrument hall, interactive virtual reality rooms, huge toddler train and water play area, and more. This museum also has an entire separate hall dedicated to rotating exhibits (one of our past favorites was the Retro Video Game Exhibit!).


To get information on buying tickets and museum hours, see their website here.


The Global Village Museum of Art and Culture

Once you’ve visited the Discovery Museum, you’ll want to head over to the Global Village Museum of Art and Culture. This museum is a wonderful place to spend a few hours immersing yourself in the art and culture of indigenous people from around the world. Find yourself getting lost in the story behind the artifacts, drawings, photography, and creative designs in this awesome collection.


Ready to experience our global culture without leaving town? Click here for more information!


Museum of Art Fort Collins

Known by the locals as the “Moa” (pronounced, moh-ah), the Museum of Art in Fort Collins will keep you inspired and captivated as you walk through their rotation of floor exhibits. This museum offers a little something for everyone, and truly promotes learning-through-art. Take some time to get inspired at the Moa during your visit – you’ll be glad you did.


To get more information on the current season’s exhibits or to buy tickets, check out their website here.


Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising

One of the most recent and unique additions to Fort Collins’ museum roster is the Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising at Colorado State University! A growing collection of textile artifacts, ceremonial dressings and interior furnishings are housed within this museum, all of which are on display for the public to enjoy! What started as a small teaching collection in the 1950’s grew to over 20,000 textile artifacts and is on display at CSU’s campus next to the Trial Gardens.


Looking to get more information? Check out their website here.


Center for Fine Art & Photography

The locals will tell any budding or experienced photographer to stop by the Center for Fine Art and Photography during their stay, and for good reason! This museum has a wide range of collected photography works from around the globe. A large gallery hall provides guests with an inspiring walk through both local and international artwork.


Get more information on the Center for Fine Art and Photography here.


Trimble Court Artisans

While Trimble Court is not an official “museum” of sorts, Trimble Court is definitely a locals’ favorite and has been a staple part of the Downtown Square for decades. This arts and crafts coop features beautiful creations from over 50 local Fort Collins artists and includes glass work, pottery, jewelry, fiber art, mosaics and more. Take a piece home as a memento, or simply spend a few hours browsing their collection.


Get more information on their many artists and beautiful piece for sale on their website here.


Totally 80’s Pizza & Museum

Last on our local’s list of the best museums in Fort Collins is a spectacular hole-in-the-wall pizza restaurant located on the south end of Old Town. According to their website, Totally 80’s Pizza houses one of the largest collections of 80’s memorabilia in the world, and has been visited by many iconic 80’s celebrities over the years! 


Check out their menu and collection information here!


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