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The weather is perfect for some outdoor exploration, so we can’t wait to share our favorite (and most secret) hiking spots with you! Whether you’ve kicked up the dust on these trails hundreds of times, or are looking to explore somewhere new, here are our 3 favorite hiking trails that have adventure written all over them!

Best Hiking Trails in Fort Collins

Horsetooth Rock Trail

No trip to Fort Collins is complete without a hike up to Horsetooth Rock! This trail has two options: one steeper, longer version that leads up to the famous “horse tooth” shaped rock that sits high above our city, and another shorter, yet absolutely beautiful hike through the woods to the waterfall that sits behind it. The 2 trails total 3.8 miles. (Note that there is a day fee to park in the lot for this trailhead. Ask the front desk for more details!)

Big “A” Trail

Also known as the Foothills Trail, this meandering hike will lead you up to the painted “A” that sits above the former CSU college football stadium (Hughes Stadium). Perfect for an afternoon hike, this trail has 4 easy trails totaling 2.5 miles, along with a longer 6.2 mile trail as well.

Lory State Park Trails

Looking to just meander around for a while? Look no further than Lory State Park. This park is just a short car ride outside the city, and boasts some of the best hiking trails around. Short, long, easy, and more difficult hikes are available for those seeking a day in the sun, so be sure to bring a backpack full of snacks for your hike! This park has 6 easy trails totaling 8.3 miles, 6 moderate trails totaling 7.3 miles, and 3 difficult trails totaling 6.9 miles.