Old Town

Best place to shop in Fort Collins

We’re partial to this one, since it’s our backyard! The Old Town neighborhood is an expansive grid, full of wonderful, charm-filled historic homes, secret alleys, and adorable shops. Old town is the perfect combination of traditional architecture, big city vibrance, and friendly residents. This is definitely the place to be if you’re looking for food, fun, and fantastic people.

City Park

Best Place to Live in Fort Collins

Just outside of Old Town’s parameter is a collection of historic homes that truly represent the charm and beauty Fort Collins has to offer. City Park neighborhood sits comfortably around Fort Collins’ City Park and is just steps away from Old Town’s great restaurant, bar and shop scene.

Ram's Village

Best Student Neighborhood in Fort Collins

There’s nothing like a true college experience, complete with pool parties, football rivalries, and great friendships. If your teen is looking for a good spot to connect with some of CSU’s brightest, look no further than Ram’s Village. This neighborhood is located next to CSU’s campus, and is chalk-full of both part-time and full-time students.

Huntington Hills

Best Family Neighborhood in Fort Collins

Further south sits a neighborhood that’s perfect for both small and large families. Huntington Hills offers homes that wrap around Fossil Creek Park, and is a perfect spot for family-friendly activities. Close to Fort Collins’ movie theaters, shopping, and just a short drive from the foothills, Huntington Hills has something to offer everyone!

Harmony Crossing

Best Neighborhood for Commuters in Fort Collins

Looking for something a bit newer? Harmony Crossing is a newer neighborhood that’s within walking distance to big-city shopping, dining, and much more! Harmony Crossing is also just a short drive to the i-25 interstate, which makes it a perfect location for residents commuting to Denver, Boulder and beyond.

There’s so many wonderful neighborhoods in Fort Collins, it’s hard to pick just one favorite. We suggest starting your tour of our beautiful city right here, in Old Town! Contact us today for recommendations on the best things to see, taste, and do all around town.

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