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300+ different performers, 38 different venues, all in two days...for only $40

FoCoMX, Friday April 26 and Saturday April 27

Where can you find 300+ different performers, playing in 38 different venues, all in two days…for only $40?  It’s all right here within walking distance of downtown Fort Collins at the 11th annual FoCoMX, Friday April 26 and Saturday April 27. This event has garnered national attention and earned the unofficial title of “The Biggest Little Festival in America.”

How you ‘do’ FoCoMX is totally up to you. Do you have a favorite venue? The Aggie, Elliot’s Martini Bar, The Colorado Room, Magic Rat, Odell’s…there are over 30 locations to choose from. Check out the full lineup by venue. Showtimes vary by venue so note the times. Also note that some locations are open to all ages and some are strictly 21+.

Or maybe you enjoy a particular genre. There’s something for everyone from rock-pop, indie-alternative, R&B, jazz, hip hop-rap, country-bluegrass, Reggae-latin and even comedy. Check out the full lineup by artist/genre. The full list includes links to most performer’s website or Facebook page to hear a selection of their songs.

So how does it work? Purchase your $40 wristband, which covers both days, and that’s your ‘ticket’ into any venue. Free tickets are also available for being a part of this volunteer-run festival! Volunteers dedicating four or more hours of their time get free admission all weekend! Sign up to volunteer to be part of this amazing event: click on the Volunteer page for more information.

So many places, so many choices. Don’t miss FoCoMX!