256 South. Downtown Lodging . Established 1923.

Downtown Fort Collins is well-known for its vibrant arts and music community.

Fort Collins is home to some of the best up-and-coming art communities in the state! At the center is the Downtown Creative District, who’s mission is to advance Downtown Fort Collins as an art and creative hub. It’s a place where artists and creatives can promote their talent or finds others to collaborate on a project. This means that we all get to enjoy more music and more art! 

The footprint of the District includes 15+ art galleries, 20+ craft breweries, an amazing local and artisan foodie scene, and live music. The Creative District has plenty of suggestions of events and can keep you updated on what’s happening around Downtown. 

Maybe you would like to get creative yourself? The Creative District has a long list of classes that are available for you to explore something new. Classes include painting, pottery, dance, fiber arts, theatre, and much more.

So come and enjoy all that Downtown Fort Collins has to offer!