256 South. Downtown Lodging . Established 1923.

October is the month for ghosts and goblins so it’s the best time to visit Old Town’s most notorious haunted sites.

Fort Collins Tours is here to provide you a ghoulishly good time for all ages! Check out these Fort Collins ghost tours which will take you around Old Town exploring centuries-old buildings and their histories. You’ll even get the chance to go underground for some extra-spookiness!

Ghosts & Goodies Tour

Ghost stories abound on this tour with stories of the buildings around Old Town. You’ll even get to visit below-the-town sites while your guide tells the tales. This tour is kid-friendly (depending on how much your child likes scary stories). Best of all, you’ll enjoy sweet treats along the way. It’s a great way to spend an evening with the family. This tour begins at 6:00pm. 

The Fort Collins Ghost Tour

As you make your way along the streets of Old Town, you’ll learn about local legends, hauntings, ghostly sightings, and strange happenings. This tour begins a little later when darkness adds to the experience. There aren’t many tickets left before Halloween for this tour so grab your tickets today!

Late Night Ghost Walk

This tour begins at 9:00 pm and winds through downtown where you’ll visit the site of a Civil War graveyard and walk the alleys and underground hallways that led to brothels, gambling establishments, murder, and mayhem. You’ll learn things about Fort Collins that may surprise you!

Haunted Pub Tour

This tour is already sold out for October, but you’ll definitely want to put this on the calendar for next year! Spirits abound on this tour and not just in a glass or bottle. There’s many a tale surrounding the local pubs and the tour guide leads the daring into the areas well-known for their ghostly past. This tour is for 21+.

So come – if you dare – and get your tickets now for a tour with Fort Collins Tours. They know how to make Halloween a haunting good time!