256 South. Downtown Lodging . Established 1923.

Take a sneak peek at Fort Collins' enhanced alleyways - each with their own unique vibe. 

Fort Collins is well known for breweries, restaurants and a great music scene, but we want to introduce you to the other hidden treasures in downtown; the enhanced alleys, each with their own unique vibe. 

Tenney Court

This was the very first alley to be completed. Walk out the back door of the Clothes Pony and Dandelion Toys or around the corner from Comet Chicken and you’ll step into a lovely alley with murals, an interesting paver design, and twinkling Tivoli lights.

Trimble Court

Just off Old Town Square is Trimble Court. You’ll walk down this alley as you make your way from Wagz to Ben and Jerry’s or to stop by Trimble Court Artisans. When the flower pots are in full bloom, this is a very popular alley for taking pictures with family and friends.

Old Firehouse Alley

This popular alleyway takes you from The Magic Rat, past Prost Brewing Co., across Linden Street and on past The Forge Pub to The Exchange. You’ll enjoy lots of art displays throughout the alley including the interactive mural painted by Peeta and brought to life by Alt Ethos

Jazz Alley

And don’t miss one of the most fun alleys of all, Jazz Alley. Located around the corner from the Mountain Avenue Market, see how many well-known faces you recognize in the mural. (Hint: there’s a sign close by that lists all of the names.)

Other Alleys

Look for the unique light poles in Dalzell Alley with their spiral formation and beautiful flowers in the summer. Located between Laurel and Myrtle Street behind The Mayor of Old Town, it’s a nice walk between CSU and downtown. Newly completed West Mountain Alley, behind Walrus Ice Cream, has been transformed with multi-colored cable art. You have to see it at night for the full effect. 

Grab your friends and go on a scavenger hunt to find all of the alleys around downtown. We’ll give you a head start with a list of locations. Have fun!