Each brewery is unique and we’ve taken the time to scope out the ‘sweet’ ingredient brews around town.

Zwei Brewing

This brewery has the market on German-style lagers. One of their brews uses apricots as the sweet addition. Try Inversion (Fruited Belgian-style Pale Ale) with wheat, oats and barley malt combined with apricots and a whole lotta hops. You’ll find this brewery in South Fort Collins.

Equinox Brewing

Try Murph’s Magic Brown(ie) that sweetens the brew with carmel nuttiness, chocolate and toasted bread. Or S’morter Porter with what else…toasted marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers! You’ll find this local favorite off Remington Street, just a short walk from the Armstrong.

Horse & Dragon

When we last checked, Horse & Dragon had a rich IPA on tap, with sweet and tart aromas of maracuyá (passion fruit) which “pair beautifully with carefully selected hops to produce a warm citrus fruit nose.” How sweet is that! You’ll find this brewery in the airpark area, east of downtown.

Rally King Brewing

We found so many brews with fruit, we’re not sure which one to tell you about. You can have a beer with blood orange or grapefruit or “Royal Rassy” Raspberry Brown Ale with 100+ pounds of raspberry puree in the batch. This brewery is right off Spring Creek Trail at Lemay and Prospect.

Gilded Goat Brewing Company

Try and guess what’s brewed in the Frumpy Moomoo. You gotta try it just for the name! Along with locally roasted Harbinger coffee, it mixes in bittersweet chocolate and vanilla. You’ll find the Gilded Goat in midtown, off of College Avenue.

Start with these ‘sweet’ brews and then check out the list of other great breweries in Fort Collins. Enjoy!