256 South. Downtown Lodging . Established 1923.

Being outdoors is just what you do in Colorado!

With an abundance of beautiful summer evenings, enjoying a brew outside on a patio is even more inviting.

Here are a few of our favorites close by, but feel free to explore the many patios available all over town.

Odell Brewing CO

Odell’s outdoor patio space feels like having a bunch of friends hanging out in your backyard, only better. Grab a your favorite brew, food from a rotating selection of food trucks and relax and listen to a great summer lineup of bands.

Tap and Handle

This outdoor patio is so close to the Armstrong, you might be able to see it when you walk out the front door. It’s located just across Olive Street to the south. Their outdoor patio is perfect to enjoy cool summer breezes and gorgeous sunsets.


Avo’s, as the locals like to call it, has been in business for over 40 years. Their back patio is big enough to include a gazebo, and a place for live music. Check out their complete line-up of shows, then sit back and enjoy the evening.

Illegal Pete's

Sometimes a patio doesn’t even have to be at ground level to be enjoyed. Illegal Pete’s has taken it ‘up’ to the next level, literally! Atop their main restaurant sits a huge rooftop patio with a second bar and plenty of space for lounging in the sun. Grab your friends, grab a brew and enjoy the view at treetop level.

Look around and you’ll see plenty of patio spaces to enjoy around Fort Collins!