256 South. Downtown Lodging . Established 1923.

Did you know that all the portraits in our lobby are prominent residents of Fort Collins? These beautifully curated paintings highlight individuals from all different backgrounds and industries who have made a difference to this community.

This Month’s Portrait Tribute goes to Dave + Paula Edwards, leaders in the Fort Collins community for over 40 years.

Dave + Paula Edwards

In honor of CSU move-in week- This weeks portrait tribute goes to Dave + Paula Edwards, leaders in the Fort Collins community. Dave + Paula have been community driven for over 40 years. They both served in leadership capacities on many non-profit boards and have given to Colorado State University in a myriad of ways including funding the Liberal Arts Faculty Development Fund.

The Edwards built their home on Magnolia with the dream that it would become a gathering place for family, friends and the community. In 2015, The Edwards donated their home to CSU. They wrote – “we hope in some symbolic way our home, by being a part of CSU, can better connect the campus and the community. The concept makes us smile. It can also serve as a reminder that the campus isn’t defined by the borders of Laurel, Shields, Lake and College. CSU is the heartbeat of our community”. We are so proud to have such wonderful leaders like The Edwards, as part of our Fort Collins community.

    Dave & Paula Edwards

    Stay tuned as we dive into the history and mystery behind each of the portraits on our lobby wall. Who will you recognize?