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Fort Collins is home to many restaurants that make it part of their inspiration to source local items for their dishes.

Fall is harvest time in Fort Collins. (Baskets of colorful veggies and pumpkins come to mind!) Speaking of harvest, here are just a few Fort Collins restaurants that make it part of their inspiration to source local, fresh, and naturally grown items for their dishes.

The Regional

The Regional, on Mason between Oak and Mountain, is all about good farm-to-table food and is proud to partner with local ranchers and growers in Fort Collins to make their delicious menu items. Try their Charcoal Rubbed Sugar Steak or Country Pork Roast!

The Colorado Room

The owners of The Colorado Room source their meat and many of their vegetables locally and their menu includes Sammies, Wings and a yummy list of Poutine choices. They also believe in giving back to the community. Stop by for lunch or dinner and enjoy your favorite brew in a relaxed atmosphere.

Locality Kitchen and Bar

When the executive chef personally takes the time to pick up produce and ingredients himself from area farms, you know that’s a dedication to provide true farm-to-table cuisine. Locality Kitchen and Bar wants you to have an amazing dining experience from the food to the atmosphere. Check out their menu.

The Farmhouse at Jessup Farm

I think you get a clear picture by the name that this restaurant is really here to make the farm-to-table experience memorable. The Farmhouse partners with many local growers, producers, brewers, and creators. Try brunch, lunch or dinner and start with Artichoke + Feta Hushpuppies, followed by Baby Kale Caesar Salad or maybe Smoked Lamb Sirloin.

Ace Gillett’s

Not to toot our own horn here, but our very own Ace Gillett’s is proud to support local and be part of the farm-to-table movement. Our chef works with the local Sunrise Ranch to source our grass-fed beef (be sure to try the infamous Armstrong burger & homemade meatloaf), lettuce for our salads & garnishes, and most produce, including herbs and seasonal vegetables. We also compost and have weekly compost bin drop offs to Sunrise Ranch.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy these great restaurants that support local growers and are committed to providing you with an amazing dining experience.

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