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Horsetooth Reservoir In Fort Collins

Looking to see something iconic in Fort Collins? Have we got a sight for you! Have you heard about Horsetooth Rock and Horsetooth Reservoir? If you haven’t heard of these fantastic outdoor destinations, we’ve got all the details right here for you.

There’s no better place to get out into the sunshine and the fresh air at Horsetooth Reservoir! This massive body of water was originally built to direct water from the west slope to the east slope for drinking water, irrigation, and other uses. This man-made reservoir is six and a half miles long, and has over 1,900 acres of public land. The natural area around the reservoir also has family-friendly hiking trails, easy access to the lake, and spectacular city views.

Horsetooth Reservoir is a must-see during your stay, not only for the fantastic hiking, but for the boating, water skiing and other water sports!

Take your family out for a day on the lake, or sit on the South Side bay beach and watch the boats go by. Grab a picnic lunch and head out to the trails for a day of sunny breezes, beautiful trails, and fantastic city views!

Horsetooth Reservoir Stats

Elevation: 5,420ft.

Public land: 1,900 acres

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Rent A Boat or Kayak

Enjoy a day on the lake with a boat rental. You can cruise around enjoy the sights, take a dip in the water, or even water ski or wakeboard. You can also rent a kayak and enjoy a nice leisurely work out on the water! Find information on renting a boat on the Fort Collins city website.

Take A Swim

Maybe you’re looking to cool off a bit? Dipping into the waters of Horsetooth is the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day. Day use swimming beaches provide access to frolic and play in the water.

Hike Horsetooth Rock

No trip to Fort Collins is complete without a hike up to Horsetooth Rock!

This trail has two options: one steeper, longer version that leads up to the famous “horse tooth” shaped rock that sits high above our city, and another shorter, yet absolutely beautiful hike through the woods to the waterfall that sits behind it. The 2 trails total 3.8 miles. (Note that there is a day fee to park in the lot for this trailhead. Ask the front desk for more details!)

This trail is a very popular hiking destination in the summer, so be sure to ask the front desk for tips on what to take, when to go, and what to see along the way!

After your hike, be sure to tag us in your pictures of Horsetooth Rock and Horsetooth Reservoir on Facebook or Instagram!

Summertime in Fort Collins is just waiting for you to come and enjoy. Book your room with us, then get out there and explore! We can’t wait to share our beautiful town with you.