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The 3 Secret Fort Collins Bike Trails You Need to See!

If you’re looking to spend a day cruising around the Choice City, here are 3 secret Fort Collins bike trails only the locals know!

Fort Collins is known for its bike-friendly atmosphere, but few visitors know about the beautiful bike paths hidden all around our city.

Most Beautiful Secret Trails in Fort Collins

Hickory Trail off Poudre River Trail

Out of all the Fort Collins bike trails we’ve cruised, this one might be our favorite.

How far is it to the trail?

A trip to Hickory Trail is just a short, 5-minute bike ride into Lee Martinez Park, along the Poudre River Trail and back into a beautiful natural wooded area.

Best Features of Hickory Trail

Although not a paved path, the gravel-lined Hickory Trail skirts along the Poudre River itself and is a perfect way to soak up some sun while gliding by. It’s surrounded by wooded areas and you’ll often see plenty of wildlife along this trail, like:

Ducks  |  Geese  |  Birds  |  Deer  |  Squirrels

There are even several “beaches” and low-lying areas close to the river. Bring a swimsuit and a towel and you’ve got yourself the perfect afternoon destination.

Lilac Park off Spring Creek Trail

Spring Creek Trail is one of the longest trails in Fort Collins, but the reason this trail made our list is for the hole-in-the-wall landmarks that sit along its route.

How far is it to the trail?

Lilac Park lies just on the south side of Colorado State University (a 12-minute bike ride from the hotel) and is a beautiful central spot in Fort Collins. To enjoy this Fort Collins bike trail, take the Mason Trail straight through Colorado State University. This will lead you across Prospect road and into a wide open field, and from there you’ll take the right fork to the Spring Creek Trail (towards the mountains). This trail will lead you straight to Lilac Park.

Best Features of Lilac Park

There’s so many wonderful things to enjoy at Lilac park, the main one being the Gardens on Spring Creek (a botanical garden and butterfly house). You can also take a ride under the railroad tracks via the tunnel under the Mason Corridor Transitway and enjoy a quick treat at the local Dairy Queen. Best of all, on this trail you’ll get to see a bit of everything:

Ride through CSU’s campus  |  View Horsetooth Rock  |  Enjoy the Gardens on Spring Creek

City Park Boardwalk off City Park Path

City Park is a bustling, lively city landmark – and for good reason! This widespread park is home to many outdoor activities including soccer fields, kids parks, an outdoor pool and more. The best feature, however, is one most visitors don’t know about!

How far is it to the trail?

Another short 12-minute bike ride away from the hotel, City Park Path is a Fort Collins bike trail that wraps around our beautiful City Park Lake. Located in the center of the park is a walking path that’s just too good to miss!

Best Features of City Park Boardwalk

City Park Boardwalk is a walking-only path, however the walk and the ride around this trail is so beautiful, it’s a must-see on our list. The ride through Old Town’s picturesque neighborhood gives visitors a glimpse into the past with hundreds of 1900’s, Craftsman-style homes along the ride. Some of the best parts of this ride are the:

View of the beautiful Craftsman-style homes  |  Leisurely ride around City Park  |  Walk along the Boardwalk itself

Any Other Good Fort Collins Bike Paths I Should See?

We’ve got a whole map! Click here to see all the trails in Fort Collins on the Fort Collins Bike Trails map!

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